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Sweden man charged in deadly crash on Lake Road |

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Sweden man charged in deadly crash on Lake Road
Sweden man charged in deadly crash on Lake Road

A 21-year-old Town of Sweden man is facing charges after a deadly crash early Friday morning.

Taylor Carbonaro is charged with second-degree vehicular manslaughter and DWI.

Monroe County Sheriff's Deputies say the crash happened just before 1 a.m. on Route 19 near White Road, about a mile outside Brockport. News10NBC is told a southbound car was speeding, when it lost control and veered off the road into a residential driveway, striking a parked vehicle.

Carbonaro suffered a broken femur and is currently recovering at Strong Hospital. The woman who died in the crash was a passenger in Carbonaro’s vehicle. Her sister tells News10NBC she was 23 years old.

News10NBC spoke with a man who saw it all happen. He says he was driving on Lake Road around 1 a.m. and says the car nearly hit him. He says the vehicle must have been going more than 100 miles per hour.

Neighbors say people speed all the time on this stretch of road.     
Angela Lahr said, “I woke up first and it sounded like thunder to me. Then my fiance looked out the window and saw the devastation. He actually said it looked like a war zone to him. It was just debris everywhere.”

Neighbor Don Swanger said, “His house must have a magnet on it because this is the second time his truck got damaged in the driveway. Whoever it was took my mailbox off, went across the road and hit his truck.”

This is not the first crash that has happened in this area and that’s why neighbors have tried to get the speed limit lowered on that part of Lake Road. Some are hoping it will happen now after this deadly crash.

Deputies say it will take some time for the Medical Examiner’s office to officially identity the woman’s body.

Carbonaro was arraigned at Strong Hospital Friday morning. He will be held on $15,000 cash bail or $30,000 bond.

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